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about roisarts!

Roisa or "Roi" is a 21 year old college student in the Philippines.She makes art to express herself and to spread awareness on the importance of self-awareness and self care.

tools used to make art!

here's a small gallery of some of my works.
check my hire me! page to see more!

need someone to make you an illustration?

status: OPEN

Confirmed commission orders are listed below.

NameType of commissionStatus
JohnHappy Day Photo StripWork in Progress
CzarHappy Day Photo StripWork in Progress
FrancinePeachy Puff with backgroundWork in Progress

kindly send me an email if you have any inquiries.

NameType of commission
  • The artist have the right to decline any commission.

  • The artist will not do nsfw, mecha, hate and gore.

  • The artist reserve all rights to the commissioned artwork.

  • The artist reserves the right to publish online & attach the piece to portfolio in either online or in print.

  • The artwork will be sent through email as a png or pdf file only.

  • Please know that the artist have classes so if there will be delays, she will let you know as soon as possible.

  • If the artist cannot complete the commission due to personal reasons, the client will be informed as soon as possible and will receive full refund.

  • The artist requires at least 50% of the payment to be paid before starting on your commission - except for Head and Bust Icons.

  • The remaining balance shall be paid before the artist send the final output.

  • Accepting payments through GCash, Bank Transfer & Paypal.

Can I have a copy without your watermark?No.
Can I print the commission piece or turn it into a keychain?Yes, but for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
Can I sell the commission piece?No, unless you hired me for commercial purposes.
How do I hire you for commercial purposes?Please let me know that you are planning to sell it then we can discuss further.
Can I have a transparent copy (PNG) for Summer, Misty rose, and Peachy Puff?Yes, please let me know if you'd like a copy of it, 50 PHP will be charged.

**These are available for either Personal and Commercial Use.
For Commercial Use, additional fee of 350 PHP will be added. **

bust, flat color background + small designs!

head, flat color background
optional: add 50 PHP for small designs!

bust, flat color background
optional: add 50 PHP for little designs!

**bust, not too complex background **

**Prices listed below are the BASE PRICE. **
Prices may vary depending on the complexity.

Logo Design1,500 PHP / 35 USD2,500 PHP / 55 USD
Stickers (set of 5)1,500 PHP / 35 USD2,500 PHP / 55 USD
Flyer, Poster, Infographics800 PHP / 18 USD2,500 PHP / 55 USD
Business Cards, Thank you Cards800 PHP / 18 USD1,000 PHP / 20 USD

**Prices listed below are the BASE PRICE. **
Prices may vary depending on the complexity.

Phone/Tablet wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers

Can be printed or used digitally.
Files will be given in PNG and PDF format.

Monthly Planner (a set for 3 months)

**Prices listed below are the BASE PRICE. **
Prices may vary depending on the complexity.

Flatlay Slides

Slides with simple animations